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FFSF2460CH- 24"x 60" 3 Sided Frame Chrome Plated

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Additional stability is supplied to bottom dunnage shelves with this Focus FFSF2460CH three-sided frame. Its 1-inch-thick square tubular supports create a 60-inch-long by 24-inch-wide frame that fits snugly beneath a 60-inch-wide by 24-inch-deep Focus heavy-duty dunnage shelf. Constructed of chromate to defend against corrosion and maintain a sleek look throughout its service life, the frame is durable enough to hold the shelf at least 24 inches above the ground. The frame should only be used on shelving units that are stored in dry areas since it can corrode in wet or humid environments.

Product Details

  • Supports dunnage shelves that are 24 in. above the ground
  • Fits 60-in.-long by 24-in.-wide shelves
  • Sleek chromate construction
  • 1-in.-thick square tubulars
  • 3-sided
  • Overall dimensions: 60 in. L x 48 in. W