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Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer™

by Nemco
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Model: 55600

Transform your tomatoes into consistent slices with the Nemco 55600 Easy Tomato Slicer!

For smooth, effortless slicing, the Easy Tomato Slicer is the tool that you need! Designed to quickly divide a tomato into uniform slices, this slicer offers exceptional precision while also providing a fast and safe alternative to using a chef's knife. By eliminating tedious manual prep work, your kitchen staff can spend less time at the cutting board and more time attending to other important kitchen tasks, thus maximizing your operation's efficiency.

Save time, labor and valuable work space! A full-size machine, its highly efficient design takes 60 percent less counter space than other, bulkier units. Razor-sharp blades cut with trouble-free precision, thanks to a unique self lubricating track material that resists misalignment problems that cause nicks and broken blades. Vertical handle and protective guards improve user comfort and safety. Cleans up quickly and easily. Scalloped blade option available on all models.

Key Features

  • Razor sharp stainless steel blades create uniform slices without squeezing or crushing
  • Compact, portable design allows for use on any countertop and provides easy storage
  • Ergonomic vertical handle for effortless slicing
  • Protective guards keep hands safe during use
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping to ensure maximum stability
Size: 55600-1 Easy Tomato Slicer (3/16")